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Aiko Kawamura

Aiko Kawamura

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Aiko Kawamura looks very classy in her gravure photos, but downright BUSY when she is working on a movie. Through her nice slender body, you could easily tell she's an althete.


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Aiko Kawamura Ballon Breasts

Aiko Kawamura

In this action-packed thriller, Aiko is held captive as a hostage in a little house, where she has to obey every command of her master and please him. The evil master uses Aiko in his wicked game of lust until she is of no use at all!


AVME Movie

Aiko Kawamura Sweet Honey

Sweet Honey
Aiko Kawamura

Aiko falls victim to the evil pharmaceutical company. Tricked to take their medicine, she is screwd by their doctor. After escaping from the evil doctor, she is once again tricked, this time by her lover. What an unusual plot!


AVME Movie


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