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Ayane Haruka

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Ayane Haruka adult videos for download.




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Fallen From Glory
Ayane Haruka and others

The 2018 AV Open entry film from Madonna studios. Fallen from glory. Guy won 10 billion yen, buys a mansion and ends up with 10 mature mistresses who service him sexually. But things turn the opposite when he loses all the money and his ex-mistresses come back and make him their doggie slave to serve them instead.



Reverse 3P Harem
Ayane Haruka and other

Two ladies go to an evening event which was their alumni association reunion. A guy arrives and he does not recognize these graceful ladies. Apparently, these two women bullied him in school and as the drinks keep getting finished, it's payback time for the guy.




AV Debut
Ayane Haruka

35 year old Ayane Haruka makes her debut as a porno actress. She's listed by Madonna studios as a genius, possibly the smartest women to ever debut at this studio. Ayane Haruka holds an MBA, was a private banker then eventually became a housewife. Now she's bored and decides to try out porn. One wonders what does intelligence have to do with appearing in an adult video?












Ayane Haruka Videos For Download

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